Natural Products Research Group

The Natural Products Research Group of the Department of Chemistry at Federal University of São Carlos develops multidisciplinary studies related to classical phytochemistry, green chemistry, medicinal chemistry and qualitative and quantitative instrumental analyses (LC-DAD-MS/MS, NMR 1D/2D, GCxGC-MS/MS, IR, etc.), as well as microbiology, entomology, chemical ecology, nanotechnology, among others.

Five professors compose the research group, resulting in relevant and prestigious publications in several national and international indexed journals and books in the field, whose research results are frequently presented in various seminaries, workshops, congresses in Brazil and abroad.

Apart from the studies for the construction and divulgation of fundamental scientific and technological knowledge, the group also participates and invests in projects applied in the industrial sector, interacting with the productive segment, resulting in patents and technology transfers.

Undergraduate and post-graduate students, including master (PhD and post-doc collaborators) have been training and participating in these main areas of PD&I.

The group also has important partnerships with prestigious institutions in Brazil and other countries.


Natural products for the social insect control (ants, termites and bees) and insect plagues

Study of brazilian plants for the neglected diseases

Enzymatic inhibitors (cathepsins)

Secondary metabolism of plants and microorganisms

Intra- and interspecies interactions (insect, plants, associated microorganisms)

Phytopathogen control and its interactions with plague insects

Sapindales’ phytochemistry: contribution to chemosystematics and ecology in interactions with plague insects

Studies of endophytic fungi associated with Sapindales’ order

Chemical ecology and Green Chemistry

Development of green formulations using natural products

Biopolymers and their applications in green and nano-formulation development

Metabolism and detoxification of plant secondary metabolites by insect herbivores


João Batista Fernandes

Paulo Cezar Vieira

Maria Fátima das Graças F. da Silva

Moacir Rossi Forim

Vânia Gomes Zuin Zeidler

Felipe Christoff Wouters


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